Saturday, 1 August 2015

For Yorkshire Day ...

For those of us lucky enough to live in God's own county, every day is Yorkshire Day. We only celebrate in public once a year (on August 1st) because we don't like to brag. Well, not too much.

Yorkshire has much to recommend it: You're never too far from a decent pint or a half decent poet; Our puddings, pies and property prices are better than yours; It's the birthplace of legends (see Sean Bean and Brian Blessed), and it's not Lancashire. Hurrah.

But most of all Yorkshire has all the best scenery .... 

North Yorkshire Moors

North Yorkshire Moors Railway

Whitby Harbour

Stanley Ferry, Wakefield

Whitby Harbour

North Yorkshire Moors

Emley Moor Mast

North Yorkshire Moors


Happy Yorkshire Day to you all. Even if you're not blessed enough to be from Yorkshire, you can dream.

Monday, 13 July 2015

And Then I Saw Craig Charles ...

Having recently lost my Comic Con virginity in a quest to meet Red Dwarf's second technician Rimmer and series III mechanoid Kryten, when I heard Craig Charles aka Lister was going to be at Wakefield's Unity Works with his Funk & Soul Review nothing, but nothing, was going to keep me away...

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

I Met Chris Barrie!

I am not a person who frequents Comic Cons as a rule and, if it wasn't for Daughter,1 geek extraordinaire, I wouldn't even know what a Comic Con was to be honest.

It is, if you are unsure, a convention where like-minded people gather together to explore their own peculiar fascinations in all that is, well, unconventional. There is much dressing up, geekery and nerdishness and even more science fiction, fantasy, super, and not so super, heroes.

I wouldn't, usually, be seen dead at a real-live comic con, but Wakefield's first ever such event held the tantalising possibility of mingling with one of my own heroes, the extraordinarily talented actor and impressionist Chris Barrie.

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