Saturday, 4 February 2017

Photography Project 365, Week 5

This year I'm attempting Project 365, taking a photo a day 365 days of the year. You could follow my daily posts on Instagram or see the weekly round up here on the blog every Saturday

Week Five


I seem to spend every Saturday in the kitchen baking for the week ahead and endlessly washing up, One of the joys of having a kitchen too bijou for a dishwasher, I hoped that's what the teenager was for, but I was wrong. Apparently.

Bottle of Jim Beam Red Stag

Don't you like it when guests call round and bring their own tipple of choice with them, of course you have to have a taste just to be polite. I don't usually like Bourbon but I could make an exception for this one infused with black cherry.

Boy doing homework

Homework is given out on Friday and has to be handed in on Tuesday so obviously the best time to do your homework, according to The Boy, is Monday night :/

A rainy Tuesday

Gloomy and rainy Tuesday morning on the school run.

Boy with spoon on his nose

Boy's achievement of the week is the discovery that he can hang a spoon on his nose. I don't know how he discovered it, or why, and I'm not going to ask.


When I got married, 12 years ago in July as it happens, I had tiny stars in my hair. This week I found the rest of them in a film pot in my dressing table. I'm thinking of wearing them everyday just because I can *sparkles forever*

Loveheart Dress
Lovehearts on a dress

 This gorgeous dress is the centrepiece of the Valentine themed window display in the Wakefield Hospice charity shop in the city centre. It really is decorated with actual Love Heart sweets. Currently contemplating buying a tutu, three dozen packets of Love Hearts, and a glue gun to make my own.


  1. Yes make the tutu and yes wear the stars in your hair!!! Best choices you will ever make!! #project 365

  2. ooooh I love that Love Hearts tutu dress - you should def have a go at making one yourself, its so pretty I could never balance a spoon on my nose. x

  3. I'm not boasting, but I don't envy your washing up. I do love my dishwasher, but it was also a shock to read that teens aren't too good at helping out !;/
    Why do homework early when you can leave it until the 11th hour and panic - that's what I get from my 9yo too. They're in good company!
    What's NOT to love about that Tutu. I'd say buy yourself the glue gun and go for it!;))

    Have a good week

  4. Glad to hear that my boy isn't the only one that leaves homework to the last minute. What a stunning dress!

  5. I think you need the love heart dress with your tiny stars and you could renew your vows!
    As the proud owner of two boys, I can confirm that they always think the night before is the perfect time to do their homework. Love your boy hanging the spoon from his nose! :)

  6. That love heart dress is amazing. I'm sure it would go down a storm on Pinterest!

  7. Go on! Make the tutu!

    The spoon on the nose made me laugh!

  8. The Love Hearts dress looks very cool! I like the bubble photo too.


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