Saturday, 11 February 2017

Photography Project 365, Week 6

This year I'm attempting Project 365, taking a photo a day 365 days a year. You could follow my daily posts on Instagram or see the weekly round up on the blog every Saturday.

Week Six

Yorkshire sunset
Sunset over St John's Church ...this is the view out of my bedroom window and you'll probably get as used to it as me by the end of Project 365

Painted toenails

Despite the forecast and the threat of snow, I painted my toe nails: an absolute sure sign that warmer weather must be on it's way. *Crosses fingers* *Hopes*

James May epic tweet

The Boy is an enormous fan of James May and all things motor related. I have, over the past year, tweeted James May several times at The Boy's request but this week we got a reply. HURRAH. Even if it was just the word 'Epic' in response to a photo of our wooden spoon, but still...

war memorial Wakefield

Last week I blogged about my walk into the centre of Wakefield using loads of the Instagram shots I've taken over the past several years. Turns out I'd never taken one of the city's War Memorial so on my walk to the centre today, I rectified that. 

Taking a selfie

Daughter2 managed to pull a shoulder muscle at the gym, she was flopped on my bed dying for half an hour but recovered enough to take a selfie of her suffering for Snapchat. *Sigh*


I still don't care what the weatherman says, there's definitely, definitely signs that warmer weather is on it's way. *Hopes some more*

My boy

The Boy though 💗 This is the look you get when school breaks up for half term. His happily satisfied, I'm going to spend the next week doing exactly what I want face.


  1. Love the end of school face! It's remarkable how teens can soldier on to take a selfie whenever 'necessary'! The tweet from James May is pretty cool. I've had tweets from authors, but they're pretty niche. My kids would be far more impressed by a TV presenter!

  2. it's amazing how quickly kids recover when there's a photo opportunity, seriously hope your daughters shoulder is ok. i tweeted James May and asked him to bring PG tips with him when he came to South Africa, he ignored me

  3. I love snowdrops, but haven't managed to get close to any yet to take photos. Hope half term is going well

  4. Loving the red toes - I can't wait for barefoot weather and flip flops! I had a similar face to your boy - half term is well needed for all.

  5. It's a stunning sunset at the top. I'm liking the end of term face.

  6. Not that badly injured then......but social media is a great healer.
    How lovely to get a tweet from a celebrity.
    Nice view from your window.

  7. We're now on holiday and have equally happy faces here :) Love the snowdrops shot x


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