Saturday, 25 February 2017

Photography Project 365, Week 8

This year I'm attempting Project 365, taking a photo a day 365 days a year. You can follow my daily posts on Instagram or catch the weekly round up here on the blog every Saturday...

Wakefield Rhubarb Festival bridal couple

Wakefield Rhubarb Festival was in full flow on Saturday and so busy that a young couple who were getting married in the Cathedral, slap bang in the middle of the Festival, decided to venture out into the visiting rhubarb fans for a few wedding photos.

The Boy in a racesuit

Unexpected charity shop find of the day; a brand new, genuine, fire retardant race suit in Ferrari red and almost a perfect fit for the race mad Boy who is now absolutely determined to get behind the wheel of something before he grows out of it.

Fire at Clayton Hospital Wakefield

The local hospital, which was closed up and left to go to rack and ruin years ago, was on fire as we went home. A massive warren of a building, at one point we counted six or seven fire crews in attendance and despite the rain, Child 2 and 3 went to watch the action which in the end turned out to be not much at all thanks to the emergency services. 


Last year I planted snowdrops in the garden but I forgot all about them until I spotted them in the rain this morning.

York at dusk

A quick trip to York to catch up with Daughter 1 and a stroll around the city with the Man and Boy.

Too many Tsums Tsums

If you ever wondered how many Tsums Tsums are too many Tsums Tsums, I've got the answer though the Teen may argue the point.

Making Flapjack

Making Flapjacks


  1. I absolutely LOVE the charity shop find! My boy would be equally as impress! #365

  2. What a gorgeous first photo - they're so into each other they're forgetting about the outside world. Oh, first love...
    York is a beautiful city, I haven't been for many years.
    I haven't heard of the Tsums Tsums craze, yet to hit my tween. No doubt it'll come to us soon!

  3. It's been an eventful week round your way this week with the wedding and the fire! Love the boy's suit. Maybe he could do a Young Driver course? Although he wouldn't get chance to drive very fast. That certainly is a lot of Tsum Tsums!

  4. The couple getting married must have got some really interesting and colourful photos by venturing out into the middle of the festival! Love the photo of York, such a beautiful city.

  5. Great wedding photo. Love your York picture very majestic building.
    What a shame about the fire in the old building.

  6. Having wedding photos like that is so quirky. I've got a friend who did their photos in an empty Ikea and in subways.

  7. Love York and that's a pretty shot of it. My son would love those overalls too, we are both bi Ferrari fans here #365

  8. I agree with your daughter, one can never have too many collectable toys, hope you enjoyed York, I grew up there and sadly don't get the chance to visit very often these days


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