Saturday, 11 March 2017

Photography Project 365, Week 10

This year I'm attempting Project 365, taking a photo (sometimes two) a day 365 days of the year. You can follow my daily posts on Instagram or catch the weekly round up here every Saturday.

University of Huddersfield hoody with a missing d

Daughter2, in her final year at Huddersfield University, decided to invest in a lovely, fleecy-lined university hoody from the university shop. It wasn't until it was home that she noticed that there wasn't something quite right with it....

Full English Breakfast, made by me

Sometimes only one thing will do to get you through a long, cold Sunday


I've been buying up the on-sale flowering daffodils in pots from the local supermarket so that I can enjoy them indoors now, replant them outside when they die, and then enjoy them all over again when they flower in the garden next Spring. Much more fun (and cheaper) than buying them in bunches.


Recording the band

Tuesday evening and somewhat to my surprise, I spent it helping out with the recording of a video for The Man's band. We were filming in an-about-to-be-closed-down-and-turned-into-a-restaurant pub I've never been to before, and now sadly won't be going to again. 


One of my hyacinths broke :(

Tea, no milk Bacon butty, no sauce

A little bit of sunshine and I was in the garden weeding, planting, pruning and doing all the things I should probably have done ages ago. Thank the lord for a mid-morning cup of tea and bacon butty. #notanaturalgardener

Outwood Academy well done postcards

The Teen's school are big on sending postcards home to say how well pupils are doing, which is nice. 
We already had one from the English department this week, but Friday bought unexpected news from Science and Product Design too. Hurrah


  1. The bacon butty and culpa like inviting, i've also got daffodils here but in Dubai they are imported so really expensive, but lovely to see. Looking forward to my UK trip, there will be lots of pictures from around South Wales and the midlands.

  2. I love the postcards from school! We had one to say my son had been chosen to be a prefect and it was a lovely thing to receive. I hope the hoodie went back! Helping out with the video sounds fun.
    I like your idea of buying flowering daffodils. I'm going to do that myself now! I love my daffodils in the garden and I buy bunches too, but they only last four or five days and I hate washing the vase out!

  3. Loving the postcard ideas from school.We never know apart from a quick snippet on open mornings when the teacher has tonnes of other parents to talk to as well.

  4. Postcards from school sounds like such a lovely idea! Do they send them with the kid or post them out?#365

  5. Like your idea with the daffodils, love having them inside in the spring :) The postcards are great, what a lovely thing to do.

  6. What a great idea from school with their postcards :) Oh I want a proper fry-up and a bacon butty. Where I am in the States the pig bacon is really awful so we've swapped to turkey bacon...bit better than awful, so I often crave a real breakfast!
    I never knew you could replant daffs. Major opps from the Uni, they will have a lot of reprints to do!


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