Saturday, 18 March 2017

Photography Project 365, Week 11

This year I am attempting Project 365, taking a photo (sometimes two) a day 365 days a year. You can follow my daily posts on Instagram or catch the weekly round up here every Saturday... sometimes very late on Saturday.


Saturday was the second attempt at prom dress shopping for Daughter 3, this time in Leeds. This is not THE prom dress. The search continues.


Exploring the Snapchat filters like you do when you have teenagers. Personally the ones that give you ears, cover half your face, change your eye colour, and make you look 20 years younger are by far much my favourite.


Wakefield Cathedral looking awe inspiring of a Monday, though I suspect that rather might be the point.


Sunset from Quirky Kook Towers


The grown-ups were burning garden waste after winter but fire and smoke is always magic when you're ten years old. Also, no ten year olds were harmed in the making of this photo #justincaseyouwereworried


Up early enough to see the sun rise. Which was nice*

*Not really. I hate mornings even if they look nice.


Walking through town on Friday. In the drizzle. Past betting shops, charity shops, and shops for sale. In some parts, Wakefield is beautiful. In others, not so nice.


  1. Ha ha, what is it with kids and fire? My boys can't resist it. I always love your sunset pictures and we get a bonus sunrise too! Good luck with the continued quest for a prom dress. My son is all for borrowing something of his dad's (way too big) for prom, but I will be dragging him to hire a proper dinner suit!

  2. Glad to hear no ten year olds were harmed in the taking of the photo!
    I think this Prom dress looks lovely but from the look on her face I can tell she wasn't so keen
    As for SnapChat filters they're addictive. I can say that time has whizzed past looking at the apps, esp with my girl, when I should've been doing something much more productive!

  3. Love that smokey shot. Your sunsets always look lovely and that dress is really pretty, even if it's not the one #365

  4. Love the sunset and the cathedral, gorgeous shots. Good luck with the hunt for a prom dress!

  5. I do quite like the dress, but I'm not sure it's a prom dress really. Good luck hunting!


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