Saturday, 4 March 2017

Photography Project 365, Week 9

This year I am attempting Project 365, taking a photo a day 365 days a year. You can follow my daily posts on Instagram or catch the weekly round up on the blog every Saturday.

Mount: Jilly Cooper

I am, quite frankly and unashamedly, an epic literature snob. If you haven't read the collected works of Shakespeare, the Brontes, Dickens, Hardy and Austen, we just wouldn't get on. But everyone needs a guilty secret and Jilly Cooper is mine. I've read and re-read all the books that make up the Rutshire Chronicles and could barely wait for the the new one because, well, Rupert Campbell Black, a modern day Heathcliff of a hero, just with a little less angst and trauma and much more champagne and horses. 

Rainy Monday sunset

A rainy Monday sunset

Fish finger and egg sandwich with cheese

The Man's idea of brunch; a fish finger and egg sandwich with added cheese.


Tidied up the garden this week ready for Spring and the forget-me-nots are starting to flower. Hurrah. 

school admission place offered

The Boy's progress from primary school to secondary school begins with his acceptance into our preferred school. Good job really, as it was the only one I put on the form having had three daughters attend there, and with the Teen going into the school's Sixth Form in September.

World Book Day biography edition, Boy as James Hunt

World Book Day at school and The Boy decided to celebrate biography, in particular the biography of one of his (and his dad's) racing heroes, James Hunt. And it just so happened that we had the perfect outfit in the race suit we discovered in the charity shop last week.

The Girl (daughter2) with mermaid hair, pink and purple edition

Daughter 2 has spent the last two weeks gradually changing her naturally chocolate brown hair into something not a million miles away from being a unicorn's mane. It's still, I am informed, a work in progress.


  1. Fab photos! That fish finger looks AMAZING!
    Congrats about the school place...
    Your daughters hair is so pretty! I would love hair like that x

  2. Your daughters hair looks fab but I bet you might be a bit sad to see it cover her natural colour. Also how fab that your charity shop find worked for world book day! #365

  3. Wow, the hair looks amazing! A big smile from me for your boy's new school. We've just had our good news here too. I will continue to have three kids at three different schools (deliberately as we chose the right schools for them rather than convenience), but I do have my fingers crossed that my eldest will transfer to her school for 6th form in September. I've never read any Jilly Cooper, I think it might make me blush!

  4. your daughters hair is beautiful, is she doing it herself?

    1. She is, with lighteners and colour conditioners and heaven knows what. It would probably have cost less and been quicker to have it done in a salon :/ At least her hair is still in good condition though :)

    2. it looks fab, mines a natural grey these days, thinking of adding a splash of colour to it when i come back to the uk in a few weeks, i had it many different colours when i was in my late teens/early 20s

  5. I am so going to try that fish finger brunch with the egg....and then maybe with chicken too :D and the hair is so beautiful!!

  6. Wow! I like the color of your daughter's hair *_*

  7. Oh I would love to have pink and purple hair - looks so pretty!

  8. Love the hair, a brave colour but beautiful.
    Fish fingers and egg - together?? weird combination. But then I do not like either.
    Love the wee forget me knots, lovely colours

  9. Wow your daughter's hair looks fabulous! I must admit I read a few bits of Jilly Cooper when I growing up as was seen as a bit naughty.

  10. Oh my goodness, your daughter's hair is AMAZING! Beautiful. Love the book day outfit, perfect x

  11. Oh wow! James Hunt was my childhood hero and I was very lucky to meet him a few times over the years, that picture brought a tear to my eye. It's a great book too btw. We share the same literary loves, although my guilty pleasure always used to be Jackie Collins - sush! #365

  12. Phew to getting your son in to the same school. Love the pink and purple hair although I'd never have the guts to do it (plus the OH would probably divorce me!)

  13. Oh your daughters hair is beautiful! I love it. :) I am craving fish fingers now, never added the egg before, I think I'll be trying that soon! Jilly Cooper sounds like an author I might try, or at least offer to my book club next month :)


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