Sunday, 12 March 2017

Where I Lead, Beyonce Follows

When Beyonce announced she was pregnant with twins last month, she all but broke the internet with an Instagram post posing in her floral, pregnant glory.

She followed the Instagram post up with the results of an entire photo shoot of her pregnant self; in lingerie, underwater, tastefully naked, or with daughter Blue Ivy (the results of which you can see in Time). And that too was glorious.

It made me feel deeply sad that when I was pregnant with my own twins way back in 1995, pregnancy photoshoots weren't a thing like they seem to be now. Unless of course you were Demi Moore, who'd gone naked on the front cover of Vanity Fair 4 years earlier. And that wasn't something that was ever going to be emulated in the depths of West Yorkshire in 1995.

At least not by me it wasn't, 22 years ago digital cameras were relatively new and hugely expensive while phone cameras were yet to be released on a waiting public. Taking photos back then was a much more arduous, serious and committed business that meant camera, film, and a trip to Boots the Chemist for developing and a judgemental look from the man behind the counter.

This week though, while wading through some old photos, I discovered to my surprise that I did do a pregnant photoshoot after all.

Well, I went and stood in the nearest Mothercare modelling their up to the minute mum-to-be fashion range while a press photographer took photos for an article I was writing for the local newspaper where I worked, it being a well known fact local news editors will never pay for models if someone in the newsroom will do.

They might not have the glamour, the flowers or the dreamy lighting of Beyonce's photo shoot, but then again we're all for a bit of realism in Yorkshire. So my pregnancy photoshoot sums up what being four months pregnant with twins is really like. It's all about bare feet, swollen ankles, hideous 1995 pregnancy clothes that I wouldn't have been seen dead in never mind pregnant, and the dazed look of someone who's morning sickness lasted 'til bedtime.

pregnancy fashion 1995 style

Barefoot and pregnant, 1995

Pregnancy fashion 1995 style

Still, I was clearly setting a trend.

And like all the best models, Mothercare even offered me a choice of outfit to take away with me.

I chose leggings. Obviously.

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