Sunday, 23 April 2017

Photography Project 365, Week 16

I'm attempting Project 365, a photo a day every day for 365 days a year

Week 16

The Boy at Donnington

The day after returning from a family holiday in Whitby, The Man and Boy were away again to spend the weekend at the British Touring Cars Championship while the rest of us stayed at home and in the girls' cases relaxed and in mine, did the cooking, the washing ....


...cleaned the grouting in the bathroom, and weeded the garden. Easter weekends are so relaxing don't you find*


Managed to escape the housework for a walk into town and all the cherry trees on the way (and there are a few) had blossomed while we were away.

Teenagers and mobile phones

This has been The Teen's default position for most of the holiday. Today she was mostly looking at her phone at grandma's though we don't know if she actually noticed the change of scene.


Fresh homemade scones, homemade strawberry jam, clotted cream and fresh strawberries because, well, why not?

blue garden plant

New plants for the garden, I've been working on establishing perennials in the garden to cut down on bedding new plants in every year, Apparently these come back stronger and stronger each year, Hurrah.

Smashing champagne bottles

Friday night and I went to a Wake, quite an unusual one celebrating the end of one chapter (and the start of another) for friends working at an arts company. A fun night with an auction of memorabilia and much champagne bottle smashing over heads (though they were made of sugar glass).

The Couple

The Couple, wire sculpture.


  1. Beautiful flowers in your photos, we've just planted perennials for the same reason! Sounds like an interesting wake. The homemade scones look really really appetising, and I'm now craving some :) #porject365

  2. I bet the boy had a great time at the British Touring Cars Championships. Boo to bank holiday housework! I have a male teen who spends his holidays in a very similar position to your teen. Luckily he plays Pokemon Go and there was a good event on over Easter, so between long periods of sitting he actually walked a really long way!

  3. Oh yes, bank holiday laundry is so very relaxing !!
    I planted a range of perennials last year, only for my OH to dig them up in autumn. So much for saving me money!
    What gorgeous cherry blossom. I only wish it could last longer on the trees.
    I love The Couple - great photo!

  4. the champagne bottle smashing looks fun. that's a lot of blossom it looks so pretty, those scones look divine

  5. that cherry blossom is just beautiful! I bet it smelt amazing too. The wire couple sculptures are good aren't they? how clever. And your scones look scrummy x


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