Saturday, 6 May 2017

Photography Project 365, Week 18

I am attempting Project 365, taking a photo a day every day for 365 days a year.

Week 18

Drink Me Teapot, Asda

I fell in love with a teapot, but it is a very special teapot inspired by  Alice in Wonderland and only £7 in Asda.

Stormtroopers in Wakefield

Wakefield held a classic car show in the centre of the city, but it was the arrival of the Stormtroopers that caught the attention. It doesn't matter that you know, really, they're just people in fancy dress, they can still cause a thrill of fear.

One Boy and his homework

Just one week to go before the SATS, so Bank Holiday Monday evening is the perfect time to do the revision homework that you've been ignoring all weekend. Of course it is, especially when it takes you three times longer than you thought it would.

three girls walking, back of the head shot

My latest photographic obsession is street photography, specialising in back of the head shots because I'm too shy to ask, and too worried someone will take offence

back of the head shot

I went to see the Disobedient Bodies exhibition, curated by JW Anderson, at The Hepworth, Wakefield (more of that in another post) but this person sat in contemplation outside the gallery caught my eye. I told you I had a bit of a thing about back of the head photographs,

homebaked tea loaves

Thursday was a baking day and my first attempt at a cherry and almond loaf which was a success, hurrah. I also made an old favourite, date and walnut, just in case the cherry and almond loaf was a disaster.


A Thursday night sunset because there can never be enough glorious sunsets.


homemade eyeshadow glitters

Make-up obsessed 21 year old Daughter 2 has made her own pressed glitter pigments that can be used on eyes, lips and cheeks. They're absolutely gorgeous, feel like a creamy mousse and give a sensational sparkle. You can even message her to order your own from here


  1. I'm impressed by your daughter's make-up! Loving your street photography too. SATs here too this week. The main challenge is to get my daughter asleep at a reasonable hour tonight!

  2. That teapot is gorgeous. A bargain too.
    Good luck to your daughter with her SATS. We have another year before my girl does hers. Eek.
    That make up is just fabulous! I love the sparkles x

  3. That make up is cool.

    Yum, I love cherry and almond - the cake looks and sounds good. Hope the SATs go well

  4. wow those glitter pigments are amazing! I can't get on with street photography at all, but someone on my course does it brilliantly. Hope SATS are going ok #365

  5. i would have to make almond and date as cant eat walnut and cherry. look yummy, I need to do some baking I think. would be exciting for the kids to see the storm troopers. I love street photography and love to take pics of random people.


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