Saturday, 13 May 2017

Photography Project 365, Week 19

This year I'm attempting Project 365, taking a photo a day every day for 365 days of the year

Week 19

SATS message from teacher

This week has been all about the dreaded SATS but The Boy's teacher set some excellent homework for over the weekend. By Sunday night he's ticked off every single one and had a whale of a time doing it too. It's possibly the first homework that he's completed with enthusiasm during his entire time at school.

lily of the valley

Lily of the valley

black and white cat in black and white

Early to school ready for the dreaded SATS. And of course black and white cats staring at you going past are just as lucky as a black cat crossing your path, honest they are. At least they are now. 

street photography girls smoking

Shopping in town and a chance to do a little bit of street photography.


view of york

A day trip to York and not, for a change, to visit Daughter1 who is far too embroiled in her final few uni assignments to emerge into the daylight. Instead I was there to see Jeremy Corbyn who was appearing at a rally in the city with York MP Rachael Maskell. 

Jeremy Corbyn Rally York

St Helen's Square in the centre on the city was absolutely heaving with people, young and old, all enthusiastic and appreciative of the Labour leader and his vision for the future. 

Jeremy Corbyn York

Clearly I'm not on my own in thinking he is perfectly capable of running the country and making it a better, fairer place. Oddly enough watching the same event on local news later the same day, the report of events seemed entirely at odds what it was like to be there :/ 

Tweet screenshot

I never, even win anything so I was utterly astounding to be chosen as this week's winner in the #MuseumoftheYear competition with a photo I took at The Hepworth's Disobedient Bodies exhibition last week. I didn't even put this in my review, just on Instagram. I await my prize excitedly

purple iris flowers



  1. Ahh! That homework is just brilliant. I hope the SATs went well.
    Well done on your win. That is a fab photo. x

  2. Well done on the competition win. Love your street photography.

  3. What great homework! Heck I'd love to do that one ;) your city photo is fab. The subject matter annoyes me no end and saddens me but great photo! #365

  4. Love your photos of Jeremy Corbyn and grrrr to biased news reporting! Congratulations on your photography win!
    Well done to your boy for doing his homework with such enthusiasm! It's quite an achievement to tick them all off! :)

  5. i grew up in York, haven't been back for a few years though, despite my eldest boy living in leeds. congrats on the museum competition.

  6. I'm impressed that his teacher set that sort of homework the weekend before the SATS. To be honest that's all the 'homework' a primary school age child should be doing in my view.

  7. I don't think he'll beat the blues sadly but hope he can turn a few voters back to red. Sounds like you've got a great teacher there, great pre-SATS homeworks #365

  8. Great homework! Hope the SATs went well. Congratulations on the photo win, that's fab!


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