Saturday, 27 May 2017

Photography Project 365, Week 21

This year I'm attempting Project 365, taking a photo a day every day 365 days of a year.

Week 21

double rainbow

Today was the day that we found The Teen's prom dress. Hurrah. A prom dress that is entirely a different length, style and colour to the prom dress she went looking for, but the perfect prom dress for her nevertheless, but it is, of course, a great big secret until the big day and so you have to make do with the stunning rainbows that greeted our arrival home from the shops.


Sunrise on Sunday, but I'm sorry to say I was waking up early and not going to bed late.

a red rose

In the garden, my favourite rose bush has started to flower. It is a bush of great determination and despite my limited rose knowledge and amateur pruning, manages to flower beautifully and brightly throughout the summer.


Never been more thankful to see The Teen and her friend just hanging out and gossiping at the end of the street at the end of the school day. It's the little things in the midst of horror that make you grateful. #ChooseLove 

hanging around the lamppost on the corner of the street


Boy in a field

A swelteringly hot day and just the kind of day to walk a mile of so to piano lessons after a full day slaving over a hot school desk. Or not, apparently. Still he cheered up no end when we had ice creams on the way home.

Boy in Burger King

We don't really do fast food, generally because it's neither fast nor bears much resemblance to food. I have never, for example, taken any of my children to McDonald's, not once in 21 years due to a long standing prejudice against their business model. Every once in a blue moon though I might let them loose in Burger King. Turns out that today was that day, and at least it made The Boy happy.


  1. I always cringe inwardly when my kids ask for McDonalds - it's a rare ask thankfully.Love your sky and floral pics and so nice to see our kiddos safe and laughing xx

  2. Love both those photos of the boy. He was obviously very happy with his Burger King. Congratulations on finding the prom dress! We've merely got to find a suit! To be honest, we do actually need to get on with that though.

  3. Hooray for finding a prom dress! How exciting!
    That rose is beautiful. We are still waiting for ours to bloom.

  4. Lovely sky pics, and I know what you mean about seeing kids doing normal things.

  5. What gorgeous sunny flower photos and yes it is so reassuring in times like this to see our own kids getting on. #365

  6. We hardly ever go to McDonalds. H is 10 and has gone fewer times than the years of his age. We don't eat fast food a lot though. Glad you found a prom dress.

  7. beautiful photos - the colourful flowers are so pretty but my favourite photo is the double rainbow shot. Well done on finding a prom dress x


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