Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Photograph Project 365, Weeks 26 and 27

This year I'm attempting Project 365, taking a photo a day every day 365 days a year. This week, I'm playing catch-up because it's been a busy couple of weeks .... 

Week 26

Return of the Daughters

The Twins are home from university, three years done and dusted in what seemed like three days.

Flapjacks in progress

Making flapjacks

Prom shoe fitting

It's the Teen's prom this week and so most of the week was taking up with trying on ....

Prom make up practice

... and making up. Handy having a big sister with ALL the make up in the world at her disposal sometimes.

Curry night

Wednesday night is curry night. I'm getting slightly worried about The Man's sudden passion for using jalapenos in such abundance in anything he makes at the moment.

My prom princess

PROM! And The Teen looked fabulous, of course.

Leavers sweatshirt

Post Prom and Teen and friends, who had an overnight movie marathon in the lounge, were up early and back to school for the traditional school welcome and bacon sandwich. She was home by 9.30 and then slept the day away.

Week 27

St John's School Fair

Summer school fair and I managed to win three bottles of wine on the blind bottle stall AND a free meal for two in the raffle. Hurrah 


In the garden, the hollyhocks are out.

playing piano

Both The Teen and Boy performed at their piano teacher's evening concert, and The Teen couldn't resist having another go on the grand piano after they'd finished.

Boy's school play

Year Six's final school production and The Boy remembered to stand in all the right places at the right time AND all his words.

Street photography

Street photography


Twin1 got a FIRST ! Hurrah

Wakefield Car Show

An evening at Wakefield Classic Car Show.

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