Saturday, 23 July 2011

Lemmy Got Me Pregnant

WELL, not really. I wouldn't touch him with yours but I like Motorhead, the band of which said Lemmy is both singer and bass player, and has been since God was a headbanger. He has warts. On his face. Lemmy, not God.

I saw Motorhead (the best version with Lemmy, Fast Eddie and Philthy Phil) in 1980 on the Ace Up Your Sleeve tour at Bradford St Georges. I didn't need tickets either because my uncle was one of the bouncers.

I very nearly got to go backstage, but my uncle the bouncer took one look at Motorhead and decided that sending his 15-yr-old niece into Lemmy's lair might not earn him Brother of the Year award with my mother, a woman who has made holding a grudge into an Olympic sport and has won every medal since the inaugural games.

But I digress.

The husband is also a Motorhead fan and in a conversation with the daughter recently he was overheard to say, out loud, to the child: "If it wasn't for Lemmy, you wouldn't be here at all."

I interrupted the father and daughter bonding time with a: "You what?" I may even have spluttered a little. I demanded an explanation, wondering if I'd missed a significant event that I really should have remembered.

"Because," said The Man, "Lemmy made me want to be a musician and if I wasn't a musician I wouldn't have moved here and we wouldn't have met and .."..... Well, you get the idea.

So he did, kind of, get me pregnant, in an immaculate conception kind of way. Thanks Lemmy. 

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