Wednesday, 17 August 2011

In Praise of Facebook

When I was a teenager any angst I harboured was spewed in suicidal poetry that was torn up and discarded shortly after. Every broken heart (and there's been a few), I cradled to myself and let fester. Every disappointment was stifled somewhere deep down where it lurked, shiftily, for years. I wouldn't have liked to have been my mother but to be honest, my mother didn't like being my mother either.

So as a mother of a couple of teenage girls now, I could kiss the feet of Tim Berners-Lee and lick Mark Zuckerberg all over (though I really wouldn't enjoy it, honestly).

Social media, and Facebook in particular, has given me a window into my daughters' lives I value enormously and not in a sneaky Daily Mail way either. I don't spy but I do get given an insight into their lives that I wouldn't be privy to if we just gathered around the dinner table every evening.

We're related by more than blood, we're Facebook friends as well. And sometimes ... though sometimes not for very long ... I am Facebook friends with their boyfriends too. (At which I can NOT boggle enough, considering the only contact my parents had with some of my boyfriends was a grunt when they took me out and another grunt when they brought me home).

The wonderful world of social media has encouraged people to share ... they share their interests, their ups and downs, their foibles and fantasies. A full-on rant on Facebook gets immediate support, love and virtual hugs from a dozen real friends who usually aren't in the right place at the right time but can carry you around in their pocket for when you need them

No more wondering what goes on behind net curtains these days. It's blogged, tweeted, facebooked and shared ad infinitum in a pixel explosion within a breath and I truly believe that this is a good thing. We hear so many negative reports on social networking yet it DOES have it's positive happy, shiny side, the relationship I have with my daughters is a testament to that.

But we do have rules about the use of Facebook, of course we do - I'm not allowed to post embarrassing photos of them and they're not allowed to criticise me in any way whatsoever. Only joking. (A bit).

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  1. I love the boyfriend comment, so very true! Excellent post.


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