Sunday, 14 August 2011

My Harry Potter Shame

I HAVE a confession to make, one that could see me banished from civilised society. A monumentally dark and shameful secret. Hush, don't tell but...*deep breath* ... I have NEVER read a Harry Potter book and NEVER, EVER seen a Harry Potter movie from beginning to end. There I've admitted it.

I've seen clips, course I have. Adverts on the telly, obviously. I even have a rough grasp of who's who and a vague concept of some of the plot. But let's put it this way if Chris Tarrant's million pound question was about Harry Potter's world, I'd be coming back home on the bus.

As a mother of four, this surely makes me somehow unique. How could I have possibly brought them up without ever dipping a toe in Potter's pond? Especially as the elder three are Potter potty -  the Twins growing up with him, the Third Daughter a late convert but more zealous for that. I might even be some kind of living miracle.

It's all been in the timing though... cinema trips with The Man for the latest Potter instalment were the Twins' Christmas treat while I frantically cleaned the house for the festive season in their absence. Daddy too who read the earlier books to the Third Daughter before she lost patience and read the rest herself. And last week he took her to the final Potter film (and came home pleasantly rested having fallen asleep ten minutes into the action). Me, I was stuck at home with the five-year-old.

And that's where my Harry Potter experience will start ... with The Boy of course. Daddy has already made it patently clear that his own Harry Potter days are at an end. He's been there and he's done that. So I WILL read the books and I WILL see the films. I WILL break my living miracle status sat on the sofa with The Boy and a pile of Harry Potter DVDs.

I'm quite looking forward to it.

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