Saturday, 6 August 2011

The Son and Hair

WHEN The Boy was born he had nothing but a faint white down covering on his head. It rubbed off and hair grew. Slowly. Very, very slowly.

Now he's five years old and the hair that grew has grown more. And more. And it continues to grow. Now he has tangled fair curls that grow ever longer and unruly. I've done a bit of trimming mainly to make it fall better and keep it out of his eyes but NOT to intentionally shorten it. It IS me that can't bring myself to take him to a barbers and ask for "a short back and sides." Me too who worries that if he did have a buzzcut, his fine hair would disappear into a couple of tussocks.

I like it long. We're a long hair family. Daddy has longish hair, mummy and three sisters: long hair. We can block a plughole in one overnight stop. We're a hairy and mostly curly family. What can I say.

The Boy and Hair

But we've reached that time of his life (his hair is touching his shoulders.. A bit) when some relatives have started to make snide Little Lord Fauntleroy remarks when they think I can't hear them (I can). When an old man down at the allotment called him a girl.

A Girl? He is so much a boy he practically leaks testosterone. He has hair and it's not as it's even loads and loads of hair. A serious rock fan would be embarrassed by it to be honest. What is with you people? *Growls*

But I had to ask him if he would like to have his hair cut. He said he didn't.

At least, not yet. *Sigh of relief*

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  1. great post, I feel the same sigh of relief when someone mentions how girly my boys look or what pretty girls they are (always bemuses me because their hair isn't nearly THAT long) and I ask my boys if they want their hairs cutting and they say no :) x


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