Saturday, 3 September 2011

5 Things I Have Learned This Week:

1: The word "Maybe" leaves my mouth but the word "Yes" ends up in the children's ears.

2: The sign language for 'Lesbian' and 'Dickhead' from Girl 2. (Though I'm not sure that it is proper sign language or that I will have the opportunity to use it or if I did use it, whether I would get punched in the face or not).

3: That we need to e-nun-ci-ate our words more carefully, particularly words like 'be-ing' for example (see below):

Daleks Killing a Human Bean by Oliver, aged 5.

4: That when they put the word Zero on a drinks can/ bottle they don't just mean zero sugar, they mean zero taste  and zero appeal and zero taste. Did I mention zero taste. Yes I'm looking at you Fanta Zero Icy Lemon.

5: I WILL mix gin with anything if we've run out of tonic. Yes I'm looking at you Fanta Zero Icy Lemon. *Slurp* *Grimace* *Slurp* *Grimace* etc.

1 comment :

  1. I can very much relate to *slurp* *grimace *slurp* *grimace*


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