Sunday, 18 September 2011

5 Things I Have Learned This Week:

1: The Boy can fall asleep while listening to 'Rainbow Rave Up' and it's '40 Massive Dance Anthems'  full volume on his CD Player but 'Bedtime With The Mr Men' will having him bouncing off the walls for hours.

2: That we possess a copy of 'Rainbow Rave Up,' ...... though where it came from remains a mystery. *Unpacks desk lamp and Fedora, lights cheroot*

3: The first time your teenager is late home after a date with her new boyfriend, you DO start chewing the carpet. Fact.

4: Being a parent of twin teenage girls is being 40% Pierluigi Collina, 40% Kofi Annan and 20% Sir Mervyn King 

5: Where Guatemala is.

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