Saturday, 24 September 2011

The Hardest Lesson to Learn

THERE'S an awful lot of things that a body has to learn and remember as it negotiates it's way from newborn to baby to toddler to child to teenager and eventually to adulthood .... Really hard things like walking and talking and that's just for starters.

Learning to read, to write, tying shoelaces, telling the time - all trials to master and duly mastered one way or another they are, but one thing seems impossible to learn. One concept is too confusing to grasp. One lesson to learn that, at least in my house, is failed on a daily basis.

Lights, lamps, televisions, DVD players, game stations, hair straighteners, hair curlers, hair crimpers, showers and taps are all left shining, burbling, gently steaming or dripping away as is their wont while the offspring spring off to do something else without a care in the world.

They don't care one jot that constantly leaking electricity costs money. Real Money. And I thank the heavens every day that we don't have a water meter or I WOULD have to sell a child a year just to pay the bills.

Should they care about the bills? Maybe not, but I have to, dull and boring though they are. So I'm constantly leaping out from behind doors and into rooms with my clarion call of "Turn that off." When they go to bed I sneak around the house checking taps and plugs, turning things from stand-by to off, like some ninja health and safety officer.

When they've managed to learn everything that they have already (and one of them has learnt Chinese for heaven's sake) would it really be so hard to learn to turn things off ..... Really *Sobs a little.*

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