Friday, 4 November 2011

Sweet Sixteen ... The Birthday Party Saga Pt 1

SO the Teen Twins are rapidly approaching their 16th birthday and approaching it with a desire to throw the biggest, bestest 16th birthday celebration ever.

They want a party. But not just a party, they want A PARTY. One of such generous proportions it will require the hiring of a venue large enough to accommodate the hundreds of other teenagers they want to invite and the hundreds of relatives they also want to invite. (Mainly because relatives will bring desirable gifts being, of course, more solvent than the average teenager).

And the venue MUST HAVE  a stage because you can't have a large venue for a large party without having some kind of entertainment laid on (if only to make the poor fleeced relatives feel they're getting value for the money they've laid out on presents, one for each twin obviously.)

......Although the chosen entertainment IS the first live performance of Daughter No1's band RentaCorpse. I suspect RentaCorpse will be dressed in black and there will be much use of eyeliner. So the venue must also have a bar, mostly for me.

But fear ye not, we can also have a DJ - and, by happy coincidence (intense research and manipulation by the Teen Twins), there is such a DJ that comes with the chosen ("Everywhere else is rubbish") venue - a very reasonable £100 if you want to hire him. A not so reasonable £55 if you don't when instead he will act as Security Staff.

But worry not, the DJ/Security person will ONLY be allowed to play from a specially selected playlist that has been carefully chosen by the Birthday Girls themselves. This, in theory, is an excellent idea. In practice it involves many arguments about Jedward and My Chemical Romance. Hey, they're twins... they're not the same person.

Oh well. 48 days to go yet.

What? Only 48 days to go? ... And they haven't even decided what to wear ... *hides purse*


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