Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The Gallery; My Awesome Photo

This week I'm joining in with The Gallery for the first time and not just because there's a chance of winning your photograph on a huge canvas ... Oh no, not at all *looks a bit shifty.*

I'm a bit of a photo addict and take loads and loads, much to the irritation of the children whose posing abilities are stretched beyond boredom point on a regular basis, so it's been very hard choosing just one.

But this is it and it's not technically brilliant or clever, but it brings back some special memories AND they all look happy AT THE SAME TIME ... an almost impossible thing to capture on camera. It was taken on holiday a couple of years ago on Goathland train station and stars The Small Boy and his big twin sisters.

In fact, I like the photo so much that when we back this year... I took it again.

Go to Sticky Fingers The Gallery to see everybody else's entries ... I bet they're Awesome.


  1. What lovely pictures and what a change in the space of year, especially in the youngest!

  2. Oh so lovely to have that comparison!

  3. aww they are both lovely photos, I agree it is not easy getting a lovely photo of 3 together!

  4. both lovely, love the comparison - how much children change over such a small space of time.


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