Friday, 23 December 2011

Sweet Sixteen ... The Birthday Party, Part 5

Last night was THE night ... THE night of the Biggest, Bestest 16th Birthday Party in the world EVER and it all worked out rather well. No, really. It did. *bewildered shake of the head*

The band at the birthday party

The lead singer of Teen Twin One's band Rentacorpse MIGHT have twisted his knee about an hour before he was due on stage and teenagers MIGHT have run around shouting "Call an ambulance" before he discovered his knee wasn't actually really THAT twisted....

Various fathers MIGHT have been dragged from the bar to charge off into the night to fetch yet more wires when other wires failed to live up to their wire-ness and the same fathers MIGHT have had to hang around to lug the PA out when the band finished....

And I MIGHT have had to confiscate a couple of cans of Silly String being used without due care and attention with a stern look and a wagging finger but, no really, it went well ...

As well as anything can when you've several dozen 15 and 16 year olds in a semi-darkened room providing their own entertainment. But there didn't appear to be any "inappropriate" behaviour and, believe me, I looked. I did, you have to find your entertainment somewhere *shrugs.*

And none of them, contrary to the popular press, appeared under the influence of drugs or drink either. To be honest, I suspect the only one knocking vodka back in the loos was me.

No, they were all polite. And friendly. And, well, nice. Teenagers. Nice? Who'd have thought it.

And, despite the (my) warnings that nobody would be bothered to come in fancy dress, they all came in fancy dress. There was an Angry Bird and a Buzz Lightyear, several Santas, a couple of cats and a couple of Jokers, policewomen, cavewomen, tigers, bears, Supermario, Little Red Riding Hoods and Alice in Wonderlands, schoolgirls, soldiers, a forensic officer and a Rubik's Cube. So, um, yeah that worked out well too.

And Teen Twins One and Two had the BESTEST, the most BRILLIANT, FABULOUS and FANTASTIC time EVER. 

So, that's alright then. *Has a bit of a lie down.*

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