Sunday, 18 December 2011

Sweet Sixteen ... The Birthday Party Saga Pt 4

TWO days to go. TWO days to The Biggest, The Best Birthday Party in the Whole World Ever ... and I've started mainlining the gin.

Birthday Candle

I keep asking for a confirmed guest list, but have yet to see one. So I have absolutely no idea how many teenagers (or THEM as I have come to call, er, them) are coming. Oh, and absolutely no idea how many to cater for or what to cater with. I have bought lots and lots and LOTS of crisps and some popcorn, though I've nothing to serve them in. I AM considering just randomly throwing handfuls onto the floor during quiet moments.

Dredging through my memory of half-listened-to references to various friends, I occasionally ask if So-and-so or Thingummybob or Whochamaflip have been invited. Teen Twin Two airily announces: "No, if we ask them, they'll bring M-Cat" whereupon I have to go and Google "M-Cat." Even though these people are not invited, this in no way makes me feel in any happier about hosting a party for teenagers.

I SHOULD be looking forward to the first chance to see Teen Twin One's band, Rentacorpse *deep sigh,* playing at the party and I am, I really am. *Nods firmly.* And I REFUSE to be worried, after swapping drummers AND losing one guitarist before finding another ON SUNDAY, that it will be a disaster. *Worries that it will be a disaster.*

And I am not alarmed that, while Teen Twin One returns from rehearsals enthusiastic, smiling and pleased, when Teen Twin Two returned from today's rehearsal, she announced: "Well, they need some work."

And then she shook her head in just exactly the same way a mechanic does, right before he makes a sucking sound that's going to cost a lot of money.

I am not alarmed. Or worried. Or distraught in any way. No, I am not.

Yes, I am.

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