Thursday, 12 January 2012

How To Be A Good Mother

I watched 'How To Be A Good Mother with Sharon Horgan' - on Channel Four (Wednesday)  -  and just 20 minutes in, I was chewing the carpet and spitting feathers while smoking cigars, drinking brandy and swearing. I contemplated waking the children and letting them join in.

Surely the real measure of how good a mother you are is when your children are not children anymore and seeing which self-help group they join.

Children; you can love them, cuddle them, be there for them but you can't keep them from the world - that is an unimaginable cruelty. Your child is your child when it is a child, but it has to grow. It has to turn into it's own person with it's own opinions and ideas. You might have made babies, but you get people.
You have the care of them but that is all (non-refundable, non-returnable, indefinite)

So this is MY How To Be A Good Mother:

Keep them safe.
Keep them warm.
Keep them clothed and fed.
Give them what they need (even when they don't know they need it)
Give them what they want (but not everything they want)
Give them happiness (but be there to wipe their tears).
Give them excitement (but never just before bedtime)
Give them dreams
Give them ambition
Then give them space to make their own
Give them time
Give them love
(all of both that you have got to give).

Oh and NEVER, EVER lie to them because they WILL find out.

But sorry Channel Four, because my children are not yet at the age when they can book their own therapy sessions, this is just a work in progress. I'll have to wait a few more years to see if it's a success. I'll call you.

*Rips Psychiatrists pages from phone-book. Wanders away whistling nonchalantly*

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  1. And whatever they can or can't do, they're all equally valuable as people. (And that applies whether you're a parent or not.)


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