Monday, 9 January 2012

The Prom Diaries, Part 2

We got a letter from The Academy today. We don't often get letters from The Academy as the staff prefer to communicate with parents through the foolproof (not) method of Telling The Pupils Things in Assembly, so we knew this one was of great importance and/or asking for money.

And it was both - it was THE letter about the Prom *fanfare.*

The venue has been decided, it announced; naming the banqueting suite of a local Football League Championship team's stadium ten miles away. Not the same venue as last year apparently because the Prom was barred from the usual venue for irresponsible fountain jumping and mock sword fights with real, museum-exhibit, swords last year. Oh hum.

The letter continued: "Although I am unable to give the exact cost at the moment it is expected to cost students approximately £30.00 each. I will shortly be asking students to reserve their place by paying a non-refundable £10.00 deposit which must be received by 31 January 2012."

And, without mentioning fountain-jumping AT ALL, the Year 11 Learning Manager stressed that the school expects a high standard of attendance and behaviour: "Only those students who meet these standards - the high ones, NOT the unmentionable fountain jumping ones I'm guessing - will be permitted to attend the Prom. Any student with an unacceptable level of consequences/ poor behaviour or with poor attendance will not be able to attend."
I'm not even sure what an "unacceptable level of consequences is" but it sounds like an excuse for not letting certain pupils go to me.

And, just in case anybody was in any doubt: "The Academy will not be responsible for any cancellation costs for suit/dress/transport purchase/hire if we deem that your child does not meet the criteria now or later on in the year. Please note, the Principal will ultimately use his discretion to make any attendance to the Prom decisions and this could be made at any time throughout the year."
No pressure then kids.... *sigh*

Not quite the invitation to the event of a lifetime I was expecting to be honest, particularly the bit on the bottom which says: "Any unauthorised review, use, disclosure or distribution (of this letter) is prohibited"


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