Saturday, 21 January 2012

Questioning Times Pt 2: Tories and Teenagers .. The Soft Sell.

So.....  I crash-coursed Teen Twin2 through Basic Politics and who's who in parliament - "This one with the insincere smile and the look of a lizard is The Prime Minister" etc - in preparation for her meeting Baroness Sayeeda Warsi who was visiting The Academy to talk to a specially selected group of pupils on Friday.

And, by happy chance, the Baroness was one of the guests on Question Time on Thursday night so we watched it together but ONLY after Teen Twin2 had made me sit through a whole episode of Celebrity Big Brother *sighs.* 

At least if Teen Twin2 wasn't going into the meeting with the most politically incisive mind ever (a forlorn hope), at least she wasn't going to make a complete fool of herself (her main priority). She'd got some carefully thought out non-political questions (as specified) to ask and not one of them was whether the Baroness preferred John or Edward.

At lunchtime I received a text: "Mum," it read, "She's actually lovely xxx" ...... Lovely? I've heard politicians described as many things but never once have I heard one described as lovely.

Despite being informed in advance that she wouldn't be communicating on matters political and that questions had to be vetted beforehand, Baroness Warsi swept into the room and declared the assembled students could ask her anything, absolutely anything at all and she would endeavor to answer. She had no idea, she said, why they would think it different.

She answered everything they asked her and told them about her childhood and family, about her ambitions when she was younger and her career before she went into politics. She shared tales about the House of Lords and certain Lords therein, she joshed about David Cameron and his pet nickname for her. She revealed she had enjoyed meeting Barack Obama, Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Pope. She was a little bit risque, very funny and generally charmed Teen Twin2 and, no doubt, the rest of the group.

And, inbetween dazzling them with her openness, honesty and wit, she managed to pass on the message that the economy was doing really, really well actually and it could all be an awful lot worse so it's all for the best. Oh, and that university tuition fees were absolutely necessary. Every point reported back by Teen Twin2 as if I am quite mad to think any different. Mmmm.

Teen Twin2 loved her, really. She'd like to meet her again. They even had a little chat in the canteen after the meeting where Teen Twin2 informed her she'd been taking notes "for my mum" which Baroness Warsi thought very sweet of her and was pleased I was interested in what she had to say. *coughs, shuffles feet a bit*

And now Teen Twin2 has announced she's going to the cinema to see 'The Iron Lady.'

*puts head in hands and weeps*

(see Questioning Times Part 1 here )

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