Monday, 13 February 2012

Firsts - Meme

I have been tagged in this meme by the glorious Him Up North who is responsible for the equally glorious Blog Up North so without further ado or faffing about, here goes:

First Kiss? 
There must have been quite a lot of kisses because the game of choice at junior school was always Kiss Chase (or Run After The Boys Until They Give In). I can't remember ever catching anyone or any kissing, but I was the tallest in the school; perhaps they hid under something :(
But I do remember one kiss from when I was maybe 13 or so and that's because it was THE WORST KISS EVER .. wet, soggy, damp and quite the most unattractive thing one person can do to another without resorting to weapons. Sat on the hill at school at lunchtime and this boy, previously presumed by me to be attractive, lunged lipward.
It seemed to go on for hours and hours and HOURS. I think he may have mistaken my frantic wriggling to escape from the deluge of spittle as excitement because he would not give up. Eventually he came up for air and I escaped but he mistook that for maidenly winsomeness and followed me around for weeks possibly hoping for another session.
There never was one and, if he's reading this, THERE NEVER WILL BE.

First Guy I Slept With?
I've never slept with a Guy. Or a Brian or a Derek or a Rupert for that matter. *tuts*

First Time I Fainted?
I don't think I have EVER fainted. Is that unwomanly of me? Sorry, I think it something to do with being Made in Yorkshire, we can't be shocked and we never want to miss what happens next :)

First Time I Left Home?
The very first time I left home, I made it 200 yards from home and sat and sulked for a good 10 minutes then my parents came to find me and begged me to go back home. I was 9. 
The next time was probably when I went to college at 18. My parents didn't beg me to come home that time. They sold the house and moved.

First Video I Ever Rented?
This was more a collective effort when my Aunt and Uncle went away leaving my cousin home alone so OF COURSE we went and rented an array of unsuitable videos including The Exorcist and The Hills Have Eyes. I still have nightmares about the scene in The Hills Have Eyes where a man's stomach explodes and I've never watched a horror movie since unless you count "Toy Story 3" *cries behind sofa*

First Word I Spoke?
I have absolutely no idea though it's quite likely to have been "Pass me the gin" :)

And now in the grand tradition of memes, I tag YOU *points* - Go on, share yourself :)

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