Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Furthering Education

Two applications for the Academy Sixth Form completed and submitted. Well, I say submitted, they had to be sent on-line so they're probably lost for all eternity like most of the e-mails that I've sent to the place over the past few years that no-one EVER remembers receiving, reading or acting on.

I'm not going to let it worry me though because in the Teen Twins' Sixth Form interviews, the deputy vice principal definitely said "I wouldn't worry about getting in" when asked about what happened next. Though he may have genuinely meant HE really wouldn't worry about it if they didn't get in ... Mmm *nervously chews fingers.*

Students also  have to be adept at tackling origami
to get into the Quick Start Guide
We'd not been worried about it BEFORE he said that though. The Teen Twins never imagined they would be going anywhere else. They certainly have no plans or ambitions to leave just yet and for the past five years they've been going to the school, the idea that they would be going straight into that school's Sixth Form has just been what IS going to happen next.

It certainly never occurred to them that they might not get in. Now, of course, it's become a worry and will probably continue to be a worry until we get a letter saying that they ARE in. So, thanks for that Mr Vice Principal.

The application process to get into the Sixth Form has come as a bit of a shock to us all to be honest. I don't remember the process being so convoluted or as formal as it is now. As I remember it, my parents went and made some kind of bet with the Head of Upper School who said he'd let me into the Sixth Form if I passed the five O levels (O levels were what we had a long time ago when exam qualifications were real exam qualifications) that I was still sitting after a 5th year spent, er, not doing any schoolwork. I did and he did and that was it, basically.

But not any more. We've attended an Open Evening which involved trawling around all the departments that I'd trawled around five years earlier when choosing the damn school in the first place but there were some teachers to meet, which was a novelty. (The Academy mostly keep parents as far away from the teachers as possible apart from the once-a-term visit to their form tutor who has never taught your child anything but how to say "Here, Miss" when their name is called out).

Then there were the interviews... The interviews at 9.30am with the deputy vice principal. The interviews I was apprised of the night before, the night when we'd been on a rare night out to the pub with visiting family. The night when the visiting family had come back after the pub and carried on drinking because it's not often you get to catch up with family when it usually lives in America. That night when the Teen Twins said they REALLY wanted me to be at those interviews...

And the interviews went well I think ( I was concentrating on looking supportive without sliding off the chair) and I managed to laugh politely when he said how hard it must be to tell the Teen Twins apart. And I didn't point out that they were non-identical and one of them had green hair either *proud face.* And he DID say that thing about not worrying about getting in.

And last, but certainly not least, has been the completing of the on-line application form listing all previous exam results, predicted grades in current subjects, interests, hobbies, achievements, disabilities, abilities and subjects that they would LIKE to study at A level - Teen Twin1 going for English Literature, Maths, Art, and Psychology, Twin2 for English Literature, Maths, Acting, and Textiles - but are not necessarily guaranteed to end up studying anyway. I've filled in less thorough job applications.

So, now, we wait and I shall spend the intervening time idly wondering why they STILL call it Sixth Form when the current pupils know it as Years 12 and 13. Bit confusing for them don't you think?

*crosses arms, taps feet, waits*

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