Monday, 20 February 2012

Listography - 5 Things That Make Me Happy.

I'm joining in with Kate Takes 5 Listography this week which is 5 Things That Make Me Happy.... After completing the Firsts and 12 is a Magic Number memes, doing a 5 Things thing too just seems fitting. Although I'm not sure that my chosen five things are actually, technically, things.. so basically I'm cheating a bit.

1 The Man makes me happy.
I call him The Man because he is THE only man for me and I've done a fair bit of  *cough* research in that area in times past. We met 21 years ago in a dressing room while I tried to talk his band into playing for free at a festival. I was wearing The Basque, as you do when you want to get men to do something for nothing. It worked because the band did indeed play at the festival under lights and through equipment also there through the magical powers of The Basque. And indeed The Man was so impressed (bored) he turned up the following year to help out.
But a combination of life, other people and The Man's incredible dimness meant that we didn't "get together" as anything other than friends until the millennium by which time I'd had twin girls and yet another bad relationship. The Man picked me up, dusted me down and by loving me, made me love myself again.(You may reach for the sick bucket at this point, but it's still true).
We had our daughter, the Third Girl, in 2001 when he asked me to marry him. I didn't actually say yes until 2005 and we had a utterly, lovely wedding the day before the festival and spent the night dancing barefoot in the park to AC/DC in front of the empty stage which was, well, oddly romantic.
And 9 months later I had our second child, The Small Boy.
But, still, The Man makes me happy.

2 Teen Twin1 makes me happy.
My first born, by 16 minutes, and the only child I've given birth to I named the minute she was born. Now 16 years old, she's beautiful, talented, confident and *shush* ever so slightly scary. 
She writes, draws, sings and acts and she does them all with such insouciance it's slightly worrying what she might achieve. She is a giving child who creates the most beautiful of handmade gifts with a heap of paper, her imagination and, sometimes, a teabag.

3 Teen Twin2 makes me happy. 
My teeny, tiny baby ... she was 4lb 4oz, a lb and an oz lighter than her sister. She is ALSO beautiful, talented and confident, but not quite so scary. She is a heart on legs, caring, loving and in some ways more grown up than I could ever hope to be. In others, not so *looks pointedly at Jedward posters*
She is frighteningly academically bright and could not give two hoots that she is. She could be anything but mostly she wants to be herself and who can argue with that. 

4 The Third Girl makes me happy. 
The Third Girl's middle name is Faith which is what The Man and I decided to have in each other, instead of getting married, when she was born. She is the butterfly about to spread her wings, ready to make the metamorphosis from junior to secondary school in September and several years of black eyeliner and attitude *sigh*. But just at the minute, she flaps around being the child she is ... which is no bad thing.

And last, but, in no way at all, least:

5 The Small Boy, the unexpected wedding present, makes me happy. 
He makes me very happy. It makes me happy that he had a thorough grounding in shoe-shopping for the discerning woman before he left the pushchair and that he'll always understand the importance of pretty shoes.
It makes me happy when we snuggle up on the sofa watching Dr Who AGAIN and he explains the complicated bits, sometimes with diagrams. And oddly enough, it makes me happy when at 3 o'clock or at 4 o'clock or at 5 o'clock, he inelegantly clambers into bed to tell me something that could wait until the morning, or the next day or just never.

Five Things

OK so none of them make me happy all the time (because that would be quite impossible) but they do make me happy always. Which will do.


  1. What a gorgeous list and a lovely family.

  2. That was beautifully written. What lovely descriptions of the things that make you happy (most of the time). Well done and thank you for sharing.

  3. Gorgeous - and what a perfect picture! They all look pretty happy to have you around too! x

  4. I could see why those particulat five things would make you happy.


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