Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Prom Diaries, Part 3.

(The third in a series, you might like to see here and here for earlier despairings)

The Prom is five months away ... FIVE whole months away. But Teen Twin2 is already having a big what-to-wear panic only matched by my how-to-pay-for-what-she-wants-to-wear panic.

She's already been on lengthy shopping trips and tried on several (hundred) dresses. I can only be thankful that she is so hard to please that she has yet to find THE dress. There's been nearly dresses and some nearly-there dresses but they're either not sequinned enough or sparkly enough or have the right amount of 'zhush' in the skirt.

Twin in a failed Prom dress
A failed Prom Dress 

Everyone else has already got a dress apparently ... which is clearly untrue because Teen Twin1 hasn't got her's yet though she's got her eye on a short black number with a tasteful skull pattern *deep sigh.*

No, declares Teen Twin2, EVERYONE else has got a dress and some have had them for more than a year. Which just makes me think: "Well, that's going to be so last year" .... and then I have to go and reprove myself for unnecessary bitchiness towards 16 year old girls.

And tonight, on the phone, Grandma mentioned shoes. SHOES ... I hadn't even thought of shoes though Teen Twin2 assures me she would be perfectly happy to wear her slippers because she's going for a long dress so no-one will see them, right, AND she'll be comfy too. *Reaches for headache pills*

Teen Twin1 probably wants a brand new pair of Dr Martens. I do hope (don't) they make them with a tasteful skull pattern. *Knocks headache pills back with gin*

"And the good news is Mum," *deep breath* "Is the transport is sorted," *big smile* "And it's only going to cost £40," *moves quickly towards door* "Each."

Aaaaargh *glugs from bottle*

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  1. Oh my gosh, poor you. So sorry to laugh!

    I have a teen son so for me it's all Lynx and depressing Nirvana lyrics. Think he'd probably be pretty impressed with the skull dress come to think of it.


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