Monday, 27 February 2012

The Prom Diaries, Part 4 ... The Calm Before the Storm.

The latest in a series, please see herehere and here for earlier despairings.

It's been a bit quiet on the Prom front recently, too quiet. I might have been tempted towards complacency, but I know the TeenTwins too well and I know TeenTwin 2 better than she knows herself.

She has been biding her time, arming herself and this weekend she dropped the bombshell.

"Muuuuum," she said (the longer they stretch the syllable, the worst is the request to come) "Muuuuuuuum, I've made us an appointment next Saturday at two o'clock at a bridal shop to look at prom dresses."

*OOF* A heavy blow, but she wasn't done.

*KAPOW* "They've got a new delivery in this week and NO ONE at school will have seen them yet."

*BLAM* "And can you tell Grandma so she will come too."
(And you've got to hand it to Grandma because when she was informed her presence was required, she sighed and asked if she should bring her bank card.)

TeenTwin 2 had been to the bridal shop on Saturday and mooched through the racks on display and when, with some trepidation, I asked what kind of prices this particular bridal shop might be charging, she blithely replied: "They didn't have price tags on."

"I bet they didn't," I muttered and stomped off for more mutterings and grumblings. I don't want to be in a bridal shop with my daughter while she tries on fouffy dresses.... That's supposed to be a once-in-a-lifetime champagne and tears experience when she's an actual bride, not something to do for the, well let's face it, end of term school disco.

But TeenTwin 2 is not one to let her mother's prejudices get in the way of a good excuse for a big dress, she has a Plan B if Plan A fails to work. She has discovered a dress-maker who will make her a dress of her own devising for a "reasonable remuneration" and all we have to do is supply the material.

This might sound tempting to those uninitiated in the way of TeenTwin 2 but I know that in her head she sees herself in something not entirely unlike the pink wedding dress as worn by Katie Price at her wedding to Peter Andre. *Puts head in hands*

Not my actual daughter

Meanwhile TeenTwin 1 is failing to exhibit any interest at all in what she might wear. I fully expect her to turn round three days before the Big Day and wonder why she hasn't got something black, lacy, decorated with skulls and barely there to wear.
And then she's going to blame me. *Sigh*

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