Saturday, 31 March 2012

I Blog Therefore I Am.....

..... Paranoid? Slightly mad? Losing it completely?

I THINK I have a Syndrome ... or a Condition... or a Rism, Sism or Chosis. There's definitely something, but I won't be going to the doctors...

Dr *peers over glasses, twirls moustache with nicotined stained fingers*: "And what seems to be the problem?"

Me *wrings hands together worriedly* "Dr, I think people might know I blog..." 

*Dramatic pause*

Dr: "Oooooooo...kay. NEXT!"

But I DO have some very worrying symptoms.....

Yesterday, looking around the gathered parents indulgently beaming at their little poppet's individual contribution to Class One's assembly, I was trying to spot the one gathering material to blog the experience. (I WOULD have missed my own little poppet's contribution if I hadn't have had my camera trained on the stage ready for that Silent Sunday shot. *Tuts*)

But there must be one, mustn't there? There are literally hundreds and thousands of mummy and daddy bloggers. I can't be the only one blogging away in the ENTIRE school, surely? *Looks around suspiciously*

And if THEY blog, do they know that I blog? 

And if they know that I blog, do they read it? Do they make JUDGEMENTS? Do they read my blog and make judgements and then stand around the playground sharing their judgements with the rest of the playground? *Paranoid face*

And when, at the Small Boy's parent's evening, the class teacher made a totally co-incidental reference to exactly the same thing I'd already written in a blog, it WAS a total co-incidental reference, wasn't it? WASN'T IT? *Scream face*

And sometimes, well sometimes, I feel like I'm walking around with just my pants on... *Shrieks and leaps behind a bush.* But to be fair, I felt like that BEFORE I started blogging.

I am not a particularly anonymous blogger, nor secretive. My family know I blog and, believe it or not, every post concerning the TeenTwins is read and approved by them before hitting the publish button. And theoretically I know that people are reading the blog because I check my stats and they say people are ... unless it IS just my mum reading each post over and over again :/

But I've yet to "come out," so to speak, to the schoolyard and I wonder if there's a dozen parents or so who will chime in with: "Oh, me too!" if I do. Or will there be an embarrassing tumbleweed moment while someone's grandma chunters on about corporal punishment ("No, I said I'm a BLogger not a FL...oh, never mind.")

*Starts wearing dark glasses and a large hat.*

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