Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Listography, Top 5 Beauty Products

I'm not generally a make-up-wearing type of a girl as can be testified to (possibly with a shudder) by anyone who's seen me on the school run with a face still sagging with crumpled sleep creases and eyes that are just teeny, tiny holes in my skull.

It's not that I've got anything against make-up as such, I do have a respectably large and varied collection of cosmetics that mostly gather dust while I daily fail to find the time to wear any of them. Well when I say "fail to find the time," I MEAN can't be bothered to get up any earlier.

And, OF COURSE, as a woman of a certain age *coy look* I have enough creams, potions, lotions, unguents and oils to moisturise the wrinkles out of a walrus. I have used most of them once, failed to instantly look like a 18 year old and thrown them in the corner in disgust.

Nevertheless the Listography subject this week is Top 5 Beauty Products and so here are mine.

*Helpful face*

1. Witch-Hazel. In a bottle. From a Chemist.
Cost, a couple of quid.
I've used Witch Hazel ever since my hippy phase co-incided with my spotty student phase sometime in the 80s and I've used it ever since. An astringent Witch Hazel is commonly used on troubled skin, bruises, piles and perineum tears. So, um, fun for all the family.

2. Rosewater and Glycerin. Also in a bottle. Also from a Chemist.
Cost, NEARLY three quid.
I also started using this in my dim and distant youth. It's a skin cleanser, a skin toner, a skin softener ALL in one bottle. It even smells nice.

3. Candles. Of Wax. From Anywhere.
Cost, variable.
There is NOTHING that improves a woman's looks more than candlelight. NOTHING.

4. Someone Who Loves You.
Cost, negligible.
Love is blind, which sometimes can be a blessing.

5. Benefit Eye Bright. From varying suppliers.
Cost, £14
The one, the only, the best ever beauty product that I could not and would not be without. A soft pink pencil designed to give eyes "that young, wide-awake look." I carry it with me AT ALL TIMES just in case I run into Dave Grohl in some bizarre shopping incident whereupon I will rush into the ladies and emerge eye-sparklingly young and attractive. *Looks doubtfully at pencil* Well, um, I like it anyway...

(Disclaimer, some of these beauty products might not be actual beauty products)

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  1. Dunno how I managed to miss out witch hazel, it's been a staple in our cupboards from the year dot, something my granny uses so my mummy uses it and so do I, ultimately I'm sure our girls will end up with a bottle at hand when they're older.

    1. I love witch hazel. A genuine magic potion :)

  2. I love your list, it's different! The glycerin and rose water sounds fab.

  3. Love the idea that candles and someone who loves you are essential beauty items :-)


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