Monday, 26 March 2012

My Week in Tweets.

I'm joining in with an original idea from Slummy Single Mummy called A Week in Tweets which is telling your week in, ahem, tweets.
I'm cheating a bit because there's TWO tweets on Tuesday. *Hangs head in shame* And if you don't know what tweets are, you're obviously not on Twitter. *Tuts*

Monday 19 March:

I have gardened AND then remembered it's parent's evening in half an hour. *turns up covered in mud* #makingagoodimpression

Tuesday 20 March:

The Small Boy to 10yo's friend who has come for tea:"No-one here likes you, you know?"

The Twins are having a considerable re-think about what you should and shouldn't say in front of a 5yo

Wednesday 21 March:

Sometimes the need to disco dance is both overwhelming and inappropriate *sigh*

Thursday 22 March:

They should have a checkout just for mums late for the school run where the checkout girl wears ear plugs and protective clothing #NOWbitch

Friday 23 March:

I REALLY hope that this gin + tonic glass is NOT the same glass that the teen caught a spider in *eyes glass**shrugs* *drinks it anyway*

Saturday 24 March:

I am currently proving beyond all doubt that I will watch any old crap if it has Tom Jones in #TheVoice

Sunday 25 March:

My iTunes is just a land of mystery these days ... David Guetta? DAVID GUETTA?... *goes to get axe* #bloodykids

Check out everyone else's Week in Tweets at Slummy Single Mummy's blog


  1. I love, love, love your Thursday tweet! I feel like that regardless of where I need to be. x x

  2. Ha ha, Sounds like an entertaining week.


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