Friday, 9 March 2012

The Prom Diaries, Part 5b ... THE Dresses

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We have found THE dress ... well, two THE dresses actually, one for TeenTwin 1 and one for TeenTwin 2 *faints.*

TeenTwin 1 found her own dress, without fuss or faffing, after a couple of hours of not so much surfing the net as stomping on it. At no point in the process was anyone else involved or consulted. The listing details of the dress include the words "Goth, Victorian and Bride" but that was only to be expected. And *relieved sigh* it's actually a very beautiful dress and "Very Her," if you know what I mean (contains skulls).

And TeenTwin 2 has also chosen THE dress with a reasonable amount of fuss and a certain amount of faffing. We've had several Very-Nearly dresses, one I-Need-It dress and quite a lot I-Wouldn't-Be-Seen-Dead-In-It dresses. We've even had the Have-A-Bit-Of-A-Sulky-Strop-In-A-Debenham's-Changing-Room Dress.

TeenTwin 2 belatedly discovers dresses have price labels
(Disclaimer: This is not THE dress)

Strangely THE dress is just entirely, completely and exactly the opposite of the dress she was looking for in colour, cut, shape and design BUT it is very definitely THE dress. A respectful silence fell on the dressing room when she tried it on. There might have even a little bit of caught breath...

So basically ..... Hurrah and, verily, thank f*ck for that.

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