Sunday, 8 April 2012

The Easter Story as told by A Small Boy, aged 6 & A Bit

"Right, what happened is one day Jesus and his twelve disciples had the last dinner and then they went to play in the garden. Then one of them kissed Jesus on the cheek. That's how they could tell it was him, the guards coming to arrest him. Then he got put on a cross.

He got put on the cross because he got arrested but I don't know what for. And he died. This bit is pretty disgusting, he was nailed to the cross with his hands. That's why he died because they pushed in nails. And they left him hanging on."

(Re-enacts Jesus hanging on a cross with nails in his hands including appropriate ow-ing noises and wriggling.)

"Then his body got put in a toon...."

("A tomb," says Mummy helpfully and gets a dirty look for her pains.)

"THEN his body got put in a TOON and Mary and Mary .... two Marys, dunno why .... came to visit the toon but the stone was moved then two angels came and they said that Jesus had rose from the dead. Then they left and Jesus came because he rose from the dead and then he told them what happened.

And they didn't have Easter eggs. They had wine and bread. Only children have Easter eggs."

*Wanders off eating chocolate egg*

"Can I watch Dr Who?"

(With special thanks *cough* to The Small Boy's C of E school.)

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