Friday, 20 April 2012

Freddie The Frog Takes Over


*Accepts bouquets, curtsies*

Because, CLEARLY, it is all my doing.

At the end of the first day back after the holidays, his teacher stopped me in the corridor to express that she was pleasantly surprised at how well he had done in class that day: "He's clearly been hiding his light under a bushel," she said.

On Wednesday, he came home with "I'm a Punctuation Star" badge and I nearly wept with pride. "Ha,"  I thought, "The genes are kicking in now."

And today..... Star of the Week! *Pauses to swallow lump in throat*

And for being Star of the Week, for his improved spelling, for his better penmanship and for his absolutely awesome grasp of punctuation, he got to bring home Freddy The Frog. *Comes back to earth with a thump*

Freddy the Frog is the class mascot. He is, thankfully, not an ACTUAL frog but a green furry representation in a red jumper. And Freddy the Frog comes with THE DIARY. *Heart sinks*

AND we're supposed to fill The Diary in with our weekend adventures WITH pictures. *sighs* And there ARE standards, you CANNOT send Freddy the Frog's Diary back with:

Friday: It rained. Got chucked in a corner and forgotten while the Star of the Week watched Dr Who. Somebody stood on me. 

Saturday: I am somewhere dark and dusty. I have been partially chewed by a cat.

Sunday: HELP MEEEeeeeeee.....

So are we actually going to have to DO something? In the rain.? When Daddy's working away? And the TeenTwins are going to a party and The ThirdGirl is studying for her SATS and I have SOOOO much washing to do? Not to mention the ironing.

I've sneaked a look at past entries in Freddy The Frog's Diary to be honest *hangs head* and it appears ALL preceding Star of the Week families have faced the same dilemma. A few of them have made a real effort and attached actual photographs, some glued in printer produced photos on paper and some of them *tuts* got their kids to draw a picture.

There's mention of birthday parties, dance classes and, the last resort of the desperate, soft play areas *rolls eyes* but most diary entries are the derring-do of in-house craft activities, visiting relatives, or relatives visiting, and The Supermarket Shop....... That's quite a popular one. Freddy the Frog has ridden a LOT of trolleys, you know what I'm saying?

And one of the previous Stars of the Week even wrote in his entry: "And then we went to the pub." And THAT I can handle and then some. *Cancels trip on the Orient Express.*

Though I am still going to try a little bit, you know.... like Photoshopping the photos and, er, lying.

Freddie the Frog watches Dr Who

*Awards self Most Impressive Mummy badge*


  1. Child 3 got Tiny the Turtle to bring home from school last half term holiday. He got so attached to it he cried for an hour when he had to take it back, and intermittently for about a month (no I'm not joking!). So I understand. And good luck with the hand-back!

    1. I never even thought about him having to give it back! *books counselling sessions*

  2. Brilliant post, I remember my little one bring home Snowy the rabbit, who was so dirty he used to spend his time at the spa in our house....this involved being shoved in the washing machine then having a blow dry then a brush. Teacher used to love our pictures and he always went back looking gorgeous.

    1. *shoves frog in washer* *writes in diary about going for a spa weekend* Thank you for that :) x


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