Friday, 13 April 2012

Friday the 13th, Very Superstitious ......

Today is Friday the 13th, the unluckiest day in the calendar according to superstition.

And if you are superstitious, it's the day you lock the doors, close the windows and don't move from the sofa for fear of invoking terrible consequences ... though, to be fair, there's still the possibility of something terrible happening even then, particularly if you turn the TV on for Jeremy Kyle.

But we don't do paraskavedekatriaphobia  in this house because we're not a superstitious household. Of course, we don't walk under ladders, not necessarily because we believe something bad WILL happen if we do but because there's a very strong possibility there's something or somebody up that ladder that might drop off on top of anyone silly enough to walk under or near it. So we avoid ladders, that's just common sense.

And opening umbrellas indoors is also not encouraged, basically because you can take someone's eye out with an inexpertly wielded open umbrella in a confined space. That's common sense too. As is not putting new shoes on the table, or old shoes, or any shoes ... we have to eat off that table. *Tuts.*

But mostly the reason we don't do superstitions in this family is The Third Girl, because she worries....... She worries a lot. She worries about the weather; high winds, floods, or snow can reduce her to a small, nail-nibbling mass of nerves. She worries about her health; every bruise and graze, cough and tummy bug is a prelude to all manner of disease and inevitably death. She worries about the future; her own and the world's. She worries about climate change, economic decline, wars, famine, slum children and polar-bears. And that's an awful lot of worry for any ten-year-old. 

And those are her rational worries, it would be a cruelty unimaginable to give a whole set of irrational fears to deal with too. NOT after last time and the *whispers* "One for sorrow" magpie debacle. She STILL has to wait for another magpie to appear after seeing one on it's own and it can make things - like getting to school on time - difficult. "Sorry we're late, we were waiting for a magpie" doesn't go down as well as, say: "The traffic was terrible." Fact.

So I haven't mentioned to her that today is Friday the 13th. Though of course this is the second Friday the 13th this year - there was one in January - and there'll be another in July. AND each Friday the 13th is EXACTLY 13 weeks apart. *Sinister sound effect*

I'm hoping she doesn't notice. *Crosses fingers*... oh.

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