Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The Gallery ... Action

I'm joining in with The Gallery hosted by the lovely Tara at Sticky Fingers. This week, in honour of Olympic year, the 99th Gallery has the theme Action......

This is 'some' children racing their way over, in and through a very expensive, hugely expensive and possibly mindbogglingly expensive work of art. The action is mostly off camera and focuses largely on me flapping my arms and shouting: "STOP DOING THAT, IT'S A HENRY MOORE."

Disclaimer (if a particular sculpture park is reading this): They may not be my actual children *looks shifty* and no artworks were damaged in the making of this photograph.

*Spits on hanky, gives it a polish*

*Whispers: "Do you think we got away with it?"*

Please check out everybody else's entries at The Gallery


  1. Haha, Great shot! Love the sculpture x

  2. Ha ha! But art is supposed to be embraced and felt, even if it's with your shoes and bottom.


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