Monday, 2 April 2012

My Week in Tweets.

I'm joining in with Slummy Single Mummy's My Week in Tweets which is telling what your week is in, ahem, tweets. And if you don't know what tweets are, you're obviously not on Twitter *tuts*

Monday 26 March:

It pleases me enormously the end result of days weeding & garden slaving is the cat now has somewhere to poo where we can all enjoy it (NOT).

Tuesday 27 March:

There should be rules banning the wearing of a crop top if the tits in the crop top are smaller than the stomach poking out of the bottom.

Wednesday 28 March:

In many ways I think I would have been a much better mummy-blogger if I didn't have any children, they don't half get in the way.

Thursday 29 March:

I'm going to panic buy gin. Just in case #beprepared.

Friday 30 March:

The Small Boy has apparently gone to check whether the Easter Bunny has laid an egg #confused.

Saturday 31 March:

Emptying the Dyson into the bin? Don't do it in the wind. You're welcome. *vacs self*

Sunday 1 April:

WILL NO-ONE RID ME OF THESE TURBULENT CHILDREN #schoolholidayangst *bangs against wall for light relief*

Please check out everyone else's Week in Tweets at Slummy Single Mummy's blog


  1. I like it, and recognise most of the tweets, which makes me think I spend far too much time on Twitter!!

  2. Love it! I could definitely have written any of those. Except obviously I don't do any hoovering.

    I'm just about to write this week's post, so I do hope you'll come and join in again.


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