Monday, 9 April 2012

My Week in Tweets

I'm joining in with Slummy Single Mummy's A Week in Tweets which is, unsurprisingly, the week, in tweets .... I'm cheating a bit this week though and including two tweets a day on a couple of days *whistles nonchalantly*

Monday 2 April:

Going all girly when the lead singer of a certain bang rings the OH & you answer the phone. That #willnevergrowup *giggles* *twirls hair*

Tuesday 3 April:

Wrapping disaster #1 averted by finding sticky tape #aftera2hourhunt

Wrapping disaster #2 averted by applying lashings of aforementioned sticky tape and squinting from a distance at it.

Wednesday 4 April:

I am in a cinema with some 6 year old boys. It's a whole new form of torture and possibly the fastest route to bankruptcy known to man.

Putting vodka in Berocca #thatisall #rockandrollhouseholdbutgettingonabit

Thursday 5 April:

Would like to know who has convinced The Boy that birthdays are four days long ... *looks suspiciously at entire family*

Friday 6 April:

6yo: "Is Easter, Zombie Jesus's birthday?" Thanks for that TeenTwins *bangs own head on table.*

Saturday 7 April:

I have successfully dyed Daughter1's hair green #hurrah *bows* *spends two hours washing green off self, furniture, walls, shower etc*

Sunday 8 April:
I'm wearing bunny ears #thatisall

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  1. Zombie Jesus' birthday? Priceless!

  2. Can you recommend the vodka+berroca? It sounds, um, healthy.


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