Monday, 16 April 2012

My Week in Tweets:

Monday 9 April:

6yo asking Are we nearly there yet? EVERY 30 seconds. The teenagers have trained him well *Grinds teeth*

Tuesday 10 April:

One of THOSE days #sigh #schoolholidays *lies on floor* *screams* #normalservicewillresumeshortly

Wednesday 11 April:

I will NEVER get bored of David Beckham in his pants #justsaying

Thursday 12 April:

If I EVER suggest going to town with the young two again put me in a strait jacket and lock me in a cellar, thank you.

Friday 13 April:

I woke up this morning about 5.30am. I'm still awake at 3.30am #awakefor22hrs #modernmotherblues

Saturday 14 April:

3 teenagers in the house and they're all playing with Playdoh. It's not entirely what I expected from having teenagers to be honest.

Sunday 15 April:

Tena Lady was so invented by someone with teenage daughters and one bathroom #justsaying #thankgodfortheensuite

My Week in Tweets

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  1. Oh, David Beckham in his pants. Nice work :)


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