Monday, 23 April 2012

My Week in Tweets

I'm joining in with Slummy Single Mummy's fabulous linky, A Week in Tweets ... and this week I'm entirely cheating because there are some days when one tweet is just not enough.... *hangs head.*

Monday 16 April:

The kids are all at school, I repeat the kids are all at school #doessodallallday #hurrah

Tuesday 17 April:

That unfortunate moment when you end up with a pint of peach wine to drink after the peach wine bottling. *hics a bit* *falls over* *giggles*

I am Rizzle Kicking it #thankgodthekidsareinbed

Homemade peach wine? Excellent bouquet, pretty colour, strong as f*ck #win *slumps sideways*

Wednesday 18 April:

Successfully negotiated way through booking 6 dental appointments Now ready to organise Olympic schedule, tackle world peace & solve poverty

Thursday 19 April:

Make up done (sort of) Have drenched self in Obsession in a bid to asphyxiate anyone who comes close enough to notice how 'sort of'

Friday 20 April:
Two hours sleep but all children delivered to school on time #rocknrollmummy *collapses*

Me? Delirious with lack of sleep? No, not me *puts cat in the fridge & milk of the step* *falls over*

Saturday 21 April:

That awkward moment when your daughters knock together entire fancy dress outfits just by raiding your wardrobe *sigh*

Sunday 22 April:

People who ring up to ask how you are just because they really want to tell you how they are. And then go on about it. At length. That.

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