Friday, 6 April 2012

Spot The Difference, A Tale of Two Women.

Samantha Brick by dint of writing this article - "Why Women Hate Me For Being Beautiful" - has made herself the most scorned, the most reviled, the most talked about woman in the country. No mean feat in a week when a previous winner of the most reviled woman in Britain award has been released from prison four years after abducting her own daughter and hiding her under a bed.

But whereas Karen Matthews was hated for her actions which were if not entirely evil, went quite a long way towards it, Samantha Brick is being not just hated but laughed at, sniggered at, giggled about and generally disdained in every queue in the country for her own vanity.

And vanity it must be, clearly she is not "all that" as just about every sentient being in the known world apparently looked at THAT article and went "Are you joking?" Early on the day of it's publication, there was a distinct ripple of unease, at least on Twitter, as if people suspected a trap. Surely it was some kind of spoof. She couldn't possibly be serious.

But it seemed she was. 

The next day she followed up her first article with this, claiming basically that the reaction to the first article just served to prove her point. The whole nation promptly became entirely and completely incensed with the Cheek Of The Woman.

Personally I couldn't give a toss, she's not my type anyway. She's 41 years old, a tepid blonde who may once have bloomed with beauty but is clearly fading and (I'm sorry) sagging a bit. She has a husband who must love her, he's consented to be photographed standing next to her for THOSE articles and you just wouldn't do that if you didn't. 

She is a journalist and clearly a successful one, she writes for a national newspaper even if it is THAT one. And she knew what she was doing, she would have to be the most disingenuous journalist in the entire history of the universe EVER not to know what writing THAT article in THAT newspaper would unleash. She isn't.

There might be a couple tons of make-up, a barrel of hair-dye, a pilot or two, several hundred bottles of champagne and a thousand bunches of flowers separating them, but sadly I suspect Samantha Brick wrote THAT article for much the same reason Karen Matthews arranged for and colluded with the abduction of her own child and then appeared nightly on news bulletins pleading for her return.

For monetary gain and TV fame.

Samantha Brick might not be given an actual prison sentence, it not being a crime to write a pile of attention seeking old tosh, but she will never be able to live it down. Everywhere she goes from now on, she will be the woman who wrote THAT article, people will point, nudge each other and whisper. There will probably be giggling and the odd muffled guffaw.

Meanwhile the real villain of the week has been spirited away to anonymity from where, apparently, she wants to plot her triumphant return to the limelight on the Jeremy Kyle Show proving that she really does have an extreme case of attention seeking.

I wonder which one will start to have regrets first...

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