Friday, 18 May 2012

Drawing Blood in the Battle of the Sexes

I have blogged before about The Boy's passion for one particular Little Girl in his class. A Little Girl who, aged six, has already mastered the "treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen" theory of relationships.

She's an entirely dainty, pretty little pixie of a girl who has enchanted not just The Boy but most of his schoolmates too and so she plays them off against each other with a skill and panache which is, well, enviable to be honest. AND looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth while she's doing it.

But she has an, um, shall we call it "unpredictability" to her that means The Boy this week has twice on collection from school had what can only be called battle scars.

On Wednesday, he emerged through the school door with a bloodied nose having been whacked in the face as she wielded her metal lunchbox around her head which may well have been an accident. Today he came out of the same school door holding his hand out in front of him, like a small paw, to display his new wounds .. small tiny gouges that had drawn blood on the back of his hands.

In the other hand he was gripping the inevitable pre-printed school letter they send out with every injured child that purports to be an explanation of what happened but is effectively a disclaimer, just in case. It said he had been scratched on the hand by another child and the matter dealt with, but his teacher, a teacher of great experience and common sense, took me aside to fill in the detail.

The Little Girl had, on purpose and possibly with malice aforethought, gouged his hand in the playground out of the blue while interrupting a very enjoyable, according to The Boy, game he was playing with his friend. He was clearly baffled as to why and just a tiny bit shocked. And his hand stung.

The teacher was equally baffled why The Boy, despite witnesses to the contrary, went on to claim that it had been an accident though I think we know. *Sigh* He didn't want to get The Little Girl into trouble because, well, she's still THE Little Girl of course.

But, on an entirely more satisfactory note (to me anyway), The Boy's loyal claims that it was an accident were dismissed and The Little Girl got hers with a visit to the headmistress and being put on Red. That'll show her.

*Puts the Kalashnikov and ducking stool back in the cupboard.*

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  1. Am glad to hear justice was served. Had an incident this week where I witnessed (as did others, more objective than I!)my 2 and a half year old have his head smashed, deliberately and forcefully, into the ground by a boy 2 years older than him. And his mum didn't even tell him off or ask him to apologise, just got pissed at me for doing so. There wasn't even any kalashnikov or ducking chair involved (primarily because there was none to hand ;) ) Btw, found you via bloghorn..


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