Thursday, 31 May 2012

From The Queen to The Other Queen

I AM The Queen. Well, the Queen of my own domain which is, co-incidentally, about the size of a house. Unfortunately my subjects are often revolting and mostly unwashed. The crown jewels aren't up to much either but queen I am.

I like to think my reign is happy and glorious, if not often victorious because SOME of the subjects can be particularly tricky when it comes to royal banquets and tend to demand tomato sauce on everything which can put off any visiting diplomats from over the road.

One about to hitch a lift from one's fellow Queen

Of course, as part of my own queenly duties I have mingled with members of the royal family on numerous occasions. Due to security issues and to fool the paparazzi I have, of course, assumed the guise of reporter from the local newspaper.

Prince Charles and I once had an intimate conversation (with only a hoard of press and a several dozen royal hangers on standing by) in the drawing room of a picturesque stately home. I shall never forget his words to me: "Are you all alright?" he asked and tugged down his shirt cuffs in that way that he has.

Things could have turned out so differently for both of us if only the Lord Lieutenant hadn't intervened to usher him on to his next engagement. But perhaps it all worked out for the best, I couldn't be doing with the endless polo if I'm honest.

And so graciously, in my role as monarch of these, um, floors I extend my congratulations to the Queen of England as she celebrates her Diamond Jubilee. A magnificent sixty years of throne-ing and waving badly and politely asking "What do you do?" Well done, Ma'am.

*Doffs tiara*


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