Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Gallery ... Picture Postcard

It's the 100th Gallery this week at Sticky Fingers and to celebrate the theme is Picture Postcard .....

MOST people might think of choosing a landscape when faced with this challenge, perhaps a landscape like this one...

... taken at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. I like landscapes, I really do...

BUT of all the postcards that we ever send, almost every single one is a picture of a train *sigh* And so here is ...

...The Boy's favourite train (yes, he has a favourite train) and it was taken in his favourite place on a special day by his favourite person (that would be me, obvs).

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  1. We (erm I mean my Son) are big train fans here, even though there are no trains here in Cyprus! He loves every thing to do with Thomas and we're about to have a 'Thomas party' at the weekend - so I think he'd certainly choose that pic as the best one!

  2. that's made me smile - a lot. A small boy (and quite possibly his father and grandfather) would be lining up to buy a train postcard like that!

  3. Oh yes - we seem to spend a lot of time visiting 'working' steam trains - honestly I have been on more refurbished steam trains than modern trains!! That is a very fine train though...

  4. Lovely photos. Yorkshire sculpture park is a great place to take the kids.

  5. Haha we have a train obsessed boy too :)

  6. wow i do love english countryside - so lush. and the train - my boy would LOVE this. old trains are pretty. B


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