Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Totally Unexpurgated 50 Things To Do Before You're 11 and three quarters....

The National Trust has made a list... and not just any old list but a  bucket list of things children should do before they are 11 and three quarters. Presumably choosing 11 and three quarters as the average age girls discover black eyeliner and boys discover (their own) testicles and neither of them let go of either thing long enough to participate in such things as bucket lists.

And it's a bucket list that requires a sense of adventure, listing activities full of der-ring do and healthy, outdoorsy things like damning streams, making dens, catching butterflies and climbing trees. Admittedly it loses a little in impact featuring, as it does, an attendant list of downloadable PDF guides to making a den SAFELY and only catching butterflies that you're allowed to catch BY LAW.

It doesn't ACTUALLY say "And don't touch yellow snow" after "11: Throw Snow" but I bet there was a two hour discussion over whether it should or not. My personal favourite is "36: Call An Owl" which continues cheerfully: "Be Careful; Male owls (that you're impersonating) can be very aggressive especially when they are near the nest." Mysteriously any temptation I had to go out owl hooting has suddenly disappeared..

But perusing the National Trust's list which can be found here, there are 12 things missing which are reputedly revealed once you register on the site. Well, pfft, I thought it would be much more exciting to add a 12 things to do before you're 11 and three quarters of my own so there's no need to go faffing around on the internet when you could be out doing stuff .*Virtuous face*.....

*Roll of drums*

1. Play pooh sticks
    How could that NOT be on the list *tuts*

2. Draw over your entire body in felt tip pen

3. Eat a worm.

4. Get lost in a shopping mall.

5. Ride on a steam train.

6. Block a toilet
    Use a toilet roll, daddy's keys, mummy's phone .. the possibilities are endless.

7. Have a tantrum in the supermarket.

8. Post toast in a DVD player
9. Travel on a bus loudly commentating on traveller's ugliness/ weight issues.
    Don't forget to point so no one is in any doubt who you're talking about.

10. Use an ENTIRE bottle of bubble bath in the bath.

11. Build a Slug Hotel
    (TeenTwin 1 spent an entire summer when she was seven building a luxury hotel from dead tree     branches with, leaves for beds and pebbles for tables, that she entirely, and forcibly, populated with slugs, whether they liked it or not. What? It's not MY fault)

12. Eat chocolate until you are sick.

So there, I think that covers it all really for a happy full-rounded and adventurous life before you're 11 and three quarters. Though to be honest, I'd still give the owl hooting a miss.

My children do 18: Balance on a fallen tree and 22: Look inside a tree
Just saying...


  1. Am proud to admit that my daughter has done 7 out of the 12. Am even prouder that eating a worm isn't one of the things she's done! Would be 8 if felt tip could be replaced with Mum's cream blusher that also got painted all over our bedroom.

  2. My son ate a meal worm this Summer aged 5 - so yes put it on the list.


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