Tuesday, 1 May 2012

A Week in Tweets

Monday 23 April:

Getting The Boy to eat a whole bowl of spaghetti pasta by telling him it makes him look like an Ood #DrWhoParenting

Tuesday 24 April:

Isn't the piano a VERY expressive instrument. Currently the 10yo is playing the I Don't Want To Do This Bloody Piano Practice Blues #sulking

Wednesday 25 April:

6yo has developed a way of getting the TeenTwins to do anything he wants 'If you don't, I'll lick you ON THE FACE' #itworks #Imighttryit

Thursday 26 April:

I have nothing but admiration for Daughter1's revision methods*

*worries she's not normal.

Friday 27 April:

Daddy, on tour, rings home Daughter3 has left the room with the phone to talk to him #listofcomplaintsaMILElong

I wouldn't mind but he only left this morning #daddysgirl

Saturday 28 April:

It's been a close run thing but we've finally got more puddles inside the house than outside #bathtime

Sunday 29 April:

Hmm Today I COULD go watch a brass band play on the bandstand but I fear I have lost my diving suit and snorkel #rain #damnit

This is My Week in Tweets 

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